Geralt & Yennefer d20 Pair

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The perfect character-dice pair for advantage/disadvantage rolls, this Yennefer and Geralt set includes 1d20 of each design. The golds, silver, and black for Geralt, and the purple, black, and green for Yennefer. The 20s are inked to coordinate with the other - the Geralt 20 is inked purple, the Yennefer 20 is inked gold. 

Includes two d20s. 

Please note: these dice will not be shipping out for around 1 week. 

Flaws: N/A

Please note that all dice are entirely handmade, sanded, polished, and inked. They may have very slight flaws, but this does not affect the playability of the die. Any large or noticeable flaws are listed above if applicable.