MYSTERY Dice Bundles

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These mystery bundles are the last dice that will be available in my old style of dice. These are a mix of finished, partially finished, and completely raw dice. Every die is usable, or can be made usable, but please note that most are raw and therefore require a bit of work to finish! What you receive is a mystery, but it will be the dice in the photo  

The bundles are as follows: 

Bundle #1: Includes 4 raw, 2 partially sanded, 1 finished. (d20, d12, d8, d%, d6, d2, d4) 

Bundle #2: Includes 6 raw, 1 finished (d12, d20, d2, d10, d6, d8, d4) 

Bundle #3: Includes 3 raw, 2 partially finished, 2 finished (d12, d20, d10, d6, d2, d8, d4) 

Bundle #4: Includes 5 raw, 2 partially finished (d8, d6, d2, d20, d12, d%, d4) 

Bundle #5: 2 finished, 2 partially finished, 2 raw (d12, d6, d4, d10, d%, d2) 

Bundle #6: 2 partially finished, 4 raw (d6, d% x2, d12, d8, d4)