Special Commission Deal! 8pc Sets

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I am running a special on commissions! $100 flat for an 8pc (extra d20) original commission set! One spot entitles you to one set of dice  

My health has been downhill since 2020, and while I am slowly reclaiming it, there are things that are beyond my prediction. I am planning to bring a service dog prospect home in the next few months, and it will be $2500 to bring them home.

Commissions usually run $125 minimum for a 7pc set, so this is a $50+ savings. The spot can be for an original design or something I’ve created in the past.

Additional fees, such as shipping, will apply. These will all be detailed in the commission form that you will receive post-purchase. Please checkout with the email you want the form sent to, or include the email in the note section. 

Commissions will be filled in order of purchase. The wait time will be 2 weeks to 1-2 months depending on your order in the list. You will be kept updated on your set and timing through the entire process.