Three Fates Dice has a Patreon! This business is born from my love for creating and unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit. I love dice - I love selecting colors and unique inclusions, the endless possibilities, that amazing click clack sound they make. I also love connecting with the dice and D&D community!

That's why this patreon is here - so that I can connect more with the community, and give back after all of the support I've received! You will get behind the scenes photos and videos, exclusive polls, early access to shop updates, private discord access, and on some tiers, you even receive dice! 

d2 Tier / $1/mo

This tier is essentially just a tip jar! If you want to support my art for a low commitment price, this is the perfect way. Every dollar counts, and I appreciate any support!

d4 Tier / $3/mo

Every little bit of support means the world to me! No matter the price, you receive my eternal gratitude. This Tier is perfect for the casual supporter who just wants a little more insight into my creative process. 

Supporting at this tier will get you access to patron-only content, such as BTS videos, photos, and insight into my dice making process. You will also get an early access shop link EVERY month as long as you stay a patron!

d6 Tier / $5/mo

A little more than casual support, this tier gets you everything from the previous one, as well as a free shipping code! Code is US only, but if you're international, let me know and I can get you a 5% discount code. You will also receive early access to my commission slots as well as access to my exclusive community Discord server.

d10 Tier / $10/mo

So you want to know more about my process, and be more involved? This Tier is a perfect choice! You will get twice per month casting posts, breaking down my process in creating the chosen design along with tips. 

Also, you get DICE! Every 3 months, I will mail you one d20. These will be designs that I've already / continuously create, such as The Serpent's Rose or Cartographer's Dream. Occasionally it may be an exclusive design! I will keep notes so you don't get the same design twice, if you don't want to. 


d12 Tier / $25 Mo

LIMITED 9 Spots Left!

This Tier is a good choice if you want to be more involved, and want to be included in practically every aspect of my design process and BTS work. You’re amazing! 

You get dice here as well! Every other month, I will send you a pair of d20s! These will probably be a mix of current designs and Patreon exclusives. Generally, these are two complimentary designs. You also will have access to polls for submitting design ideas, and these designs will be sold first exclusively to Patreon. 

d20 Tier / $45 Mo

LIMITED Currently Full!

You have my eternal gratitude times a thousand. Supporting at this level, every 4 months, you get a FULL 7pc dice set created by me, along with a chonk d20! These designs will always be Patreon EXCLUSIVE, meaning only a handful of people will ever have this design.