As well as my dice business, I also do personal and freelance TTRPG / DnD 5e writing! 


Projects I've worked on with other people, finished or in progress. 


Personal Works

Projects I've done myself with no outside affiliation. 


About / Hire Me

Hey - I'm Anna! I am a full time creator, through my dice making and ttrpg writing. My love falls in dark art, fantastical stories, and my loyal German Shepherd. I have multiple disabilities, including chronic pain and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). I am an ambulatory wheelchair user, and am most often seen with some mobility aid, KT tape, or brace. Queer, messy, and full of stories waiting to be put to page. I am currently open for freelance ttrpg work!

I do:

Creative Writing. I have over a decade of creative writing experience in a variety of settings. I can do anything from flavor text, to developing worlds and creative aspects of your setting or game.

Disability Work / Mechanics. My passion falls in disability inclusion, advocacy, and removing ableism from adventure, game, and setting design. I can weave disability inclusion into your work from NPCs to building it into the core. I am especially looking to work on adding disability/mechanics to new or established games!

Sensitivity Reading. I can do sensitivity reading for the following: Chronic pain/fatigue, autism, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) , anxiety, depression SPD, mobility aid usage (canes, crutches, wheelchair), LGBT+. I can do general disability sensitivity reading for most disabilities for correct language. I also do accessibility reading - going over your website, carrd, game layout, etc to check accessibility and work with you to correct any inaccessible aspects.

Writing / Creative Project Lead. I have run a team for a few projects, and am great at managing a team of writers/creatives for ttrpg projects. This can be anything from actually writing myself and taking charge of part of a project, or simply keeping everything organized and together for the actual writing team.

Exclusive KickStarter Dice. I am a dice maker! I have partnered with a couple of KS and can create exclusive dice for your setting or game. I can work with you to design exactly what you have in mind to represent your work, and exclusive dice are a great draw for people to back a KS! I work in smaller batches (<50 at most for a project), and then do percentage of price as payment (Usually 60-70%). Because of the higher percentage, I do handle all fulfillment and shipping, so you don't have to!

Have a project for me? You can contact me at or on Twitter.