Barbarian - Mica Powder Blend

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This mica powder blend comes in 5gram and 10gram amounts. Inspired by the Barbarian class, this gritty (in vibes only!) color is a blend of chestnut brown and rich ruby red. The individual colors pop out in a subtle way, but create a beautiful overall color from a distance. 

Mica powders can be used in many ways - in dice/resin casting, cosmetics, paints, and more. Anything you can imagine can be done! 

These mica powders are high quality and ethically sourced. Never animal tested, this is vegan and gluten free. Approved for cosmetic use EXCEPT LIPS. This mica powder should not be used in cosmetics like lipgloss or lipstick. 

Both sizes are shown above. A little goes a long way, especially in dice making. 5gram is a great size to try it out, a 10gram size is perfect if you already know you'll love it. 

Micron size averages from 10-60.