Bard Class Sticker Sheet

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Now you can grab the Bard class as stickers! This sticker sheet features artwork of my Bard Class dice design. Brilliant red with bits of gold foil, gold numbers, and each die has bard class traits. Each sticker sheet is 6x4 and has 8 stickers - 7 standard dice stickers, and a color-matching raven.

Stickers are vinyl and water/humidity resistant. Not dishwasher safe. Stickers are thick and sturdy, and all are under 2". 

The words on the stickers are as follows: 

d20 - Jack of All Trades
d12 - Dissonant Whispers
d10 - Hideous Laughter 
d% - Font of Inspiration 
d8 - Song of Rest
d6 - Bardic Inspiration
d4 - Vicious Mockery