Bard Design Weekly Planner Notepad - 8.5x11

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This weekly planner notepad is everything you need to keep track of your week, all on one page. Made of sturdy 70lb paper, and tested with a variety of markers, there is no bleeding onto the next page. Each pad has a section for each day of the week, as well as a To Do and Remember spots on the bottom. 

Each pad is 50 pages - so just one will get you through almost the whole year! 

This design features a red watercolor border, and "Bard Class" dice artwork throughout. The dice all contain words. d20 "Jack of All Trades", d12 "Dissonant Whispers", d10 "Hideous Laughter", d% "Font of Inspiration", d8 "Song of Rest", d6 "Bardic Inspiration", and d4 "Vicious Mockery". This pad is perfect for bards!

- 50 Pages

- 11x8.5"

- 70lb Paper

- Glued Top Edge