Bard Gift Set - Planner, Notepad, Stickers, Keychain, & More

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This gift set is perfect for the bards in your life! This includes one of every product featuring the Bard Class design. Red and pink tones, brilliant red and gold dice, and words featured in each die from the bard class. (d20: Jack of All Trades, d12: Dissonant Whispers, d10: Hideous Laughter, d%: Font of Inspiration, d8: Song of Rest, d6: Bardic Inspiration, d4: Vicious Mockery.) 

The notepads are made of high quality, bleed-resistant 70lb paper. The stickers are quality vinyl, the single d20 is waterproof and weather resistant, dishwasher safe, as well as removeable and replaceable. The sticker sheet is water and humidity resistant. The keychain is waterproof, one-sided color featuring a stainless steel key ring. Finally, the bookmark is 14pt high-gloss sealed front and unsealed back, with a gold tassel (not pictured). 

This set has: 

1 - 11x8.5" Weekly Planner
1 - 6x4" Notepad
1 - 6x4" Sticker Sheet with 8 Stickers
1 - 2x2 Bard d20 Sticker
1 - Bardic Inspiration d6 Keychain
1 - 6x2 Bard Bookmark (Will include a gold tassel)